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 Advertising: Laying Your Cards on the Table 

Successful marketing is not really measured in how many customers you were able to sell today. To be really able to say that you have a great marketing strategy is to be able to know that your customers were happy and satisfied with their purchase and that they were able to get their money's worth.

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Which Online Advertising Method is THE Best?  

by Gena Biem

It only takes a little common sense to realize that most of the people who start online businesses are looking to make money - so it doesn't make much sense for them to go even further in debt by paying to advertise their business. Granted, I'm sure you can gain quite a bit of exposure by purchasing advertising space, but that route is just not doable for everyone.

I have come to know so many people who have told me they had to quit trying to work from home because they couldn't afford to keep paying for advertising, and others have told me they didn't have the time to "waste" with free advertising.

There are many different factors to consider in running an online business, but I think advertising is one of the most confusing for people to grasp and understand. And it's because it can be somewhat overwhelming. There are so many different ways to advertise and it's alot to have to learn.

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is what I call being an "advertising-hopper." So many people who are new to Internet Marketing don't take the time necessary to actually learn, they just mess around with this and mess around with that. They don't ever get serious or concentrate on just one area of advertising.

The best thing you can do for your business (and your sanity) is to pick just one area of advertising and learn as much about it as possible. Then, practice what you learned. Take the one type of advertising that you chose first and practice, practice and practice more. Master everything about it - until you're able to do it with your eyes closed. Then, move on to a second type of advertising.

If you continue in this manner you will soon know all of the best ways to advertise, because they'll be the ones you liked most and the ones that worked for you and your particular business. No one can actually tell you the BEST ways for you to advertise - but they can tell you the ways that they feel are the best.

And remember, it takes some time to learn how to run a business online, and marketing is a huge part of it. Believe it or not, some people actually go to school just to learn about it! So, the next time you feel frustrated remind yourself that even Bill Gate's financial empire wasn't created in just a month or two. There are things you need to learn now and five years from now you'll still be learning. Fortunately for all of us the Internet provides us with the opportunity to learn as we go.

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Gena Biem is just like you. Different in so many ways, yet exactly the same. You can visit my website at http://genamarie.topcities.com

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