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 Advertising: Laying Your Cards on the Table 

Successful marketing is not really measured in how many customers you were able to sell today. To be really able to say that you have a great marketing strategy is to be able to know that your customers were happy and satisfied with their purchase and that they were able to get their money's worth.

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Online Advertising for Dummies  

by Daegan Smith

Got your own website already? Then show it to the rest of humanity. Actually, to the rest of the online community at the least!

You know very well that you want that. Whatís keeping you from doing so? Donít know what to do next? It is easy to hire someone to take care of promoting your website. But why bother when you can do it on your own? Hold on to that extra penny and spend it more wisely. Consider the following options and see yourself raking in those extra profits!

Search engines

Get listed on the top search engines. Net surfers regularly use search engines and indexes to pin down on what they need. A good register can very well give you a desirable result. Search engines do charge for the listing, but you can still find some that would let you do so for free.

Classifieds / Banners

These are accessible throughout the online community. Banners and classified ads work 24 hours a day, seven days a week! They are usually free. Look for a related website. Ask the webmaster if they are interested in having a banner on their web site. Follow their guidelines and voila! You got yourself a 24/7 advertisement.

Press Release

Publicize. Come up with a press release. Compose articles about your product or service. Emphasize on how your product stands above the rest. Do you offer lower prices? Do you have better quality? Then have those articles circulated to different online publishers. Treat it like having a radio or television ad. Another good thing is that you can avail of this from websites that offer free publicity.

Link Exchange

Link to another website intimately related to your own business. Locate websites that are complementary to yours and inform the webmaster of your intent to set up a link exchange. This could give you an extensive network, giving you more places to be accessed by people. You can gain more visitors to your website. Plus, your link popularity, can even give you higher rankings in search engines.

Announcement Lists

Announce the presence of your website or business opportunity. You can choose among tons of announcement lists online. Simply follow the respective requirements in submitting ads.


Nothing compares to a freebie offer! Giveaways will surely make people keep coming back to your website. Create necessities that would make your present clients regular ones. Utilities, software, product samples or web-based emails could stir interest from would-be clients when given away for free. Make sure that your freebies have your name and business in it. Allow it to freely circulate. Before you know it, you already reached farther than youíve expected.


This is another opportunity for publicity! Bring more people in by making your product or services known through contests. Through this, you could also ask the contestants to be included in your mailing list. This is also a good reason to come up with a press release. Inform the online community of your contest! Earn good reputation by giving out good prizes!


Post your ad in forums or discussion groups with topic related to your product or service. Hints, tips and answers would also keep the forum visitors interested. You can also be a part of the discussion. Donít just post and go. Get involved and win the rest of the group. It would also be better if you display knowledge in the field of concern. Just donít overdo this by spamming or barraging the forum with your advertisements. Always be on the good side of your clients.


Get as much e-mail addresses as you can. Ask or require this from your clients, visitors, and contest participants. Send out tips, hints and offers until they buy. Just be prudent enough in the number of emails you send at a given time.


Include your web siteís URL when sending e-mail messages. Use it as your signature. This is the surest and cheapest way of advertising. People in your address book will surely see this. This is one way of promoting with not much sweat on your part.


Build up relationship with your site visitors. Maintain good quality in your website, to have subscribers trust in the credibility of your products and services. Then encourage your clients to also tell their friends of your offers. Make use also of your customersí testimonials to the other means of advertising. Keep that customer base expanding.

Donít think of yourself as a dummy all the time. These are effective ways to promote that you can do yourself. Most of these can be availed for free and still can give your much desired outcome. Just try to learn as you proceed, take this seriously and give it all your heart. The amount of effort you put in will reciprocate a considerable result.

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