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 Advertising: Laying Your Cards on the Table 

Successful marketing is not really measured in how many customers you were able to sell today. To be really able to say that you have a great marketing strategy is to be able to know that your customers were happy and satisfied with their purchase and that they were able to get their money's worth.

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Pay It Forward Profits Funded Sponsoring MLM System

According to some statistics, only 5 percent of home based businesses managed to generate the kinds of profits that are dangled in front of people to get them to join some kind of MLM system. This is mostly because MLM schemes are not about selling products but about creating massive down lines. The bigger the downline, the higher the profits. The fact is that after exhausting the warm market (friends, acquaintances, etc.), most people have to resort to some sort of lead generation, finally making cold calls and repeatedly pressuring prospects into becoming paid members in the down line. Problem is that these members are not likely to do what you did and you are stuck one level deep with very few members.

A good solution to this problem is the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. As a practice, it has been around for quite a while, before the Internet came along. It is only recently, thanks mostly to the confusion between legitimate MLM opportunities and the uncountable pyramid schemes offered, that professional MLM system owners realized that a lot of people were not being able to promote their home based MLM business due to misleading information or simply a lack of adequate marketing skills and tools. In a very rough form, the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System is basically a business-in-a-box model.

Companies that are serious about expanding their markets, do not wish to have affiliates who cannot make money because in the end, it is a loss to the companies. Professional MLM system providers now include a small model of their own business which basically means, This is what we did to succeed, this is how we did it, and here some easy steps for you to follow to make your home based business a success so that we all can profit from it. Sounds nice doesn't it? What this entails for the owner of a home based MLM business is that all the time that you spent on making cold calls, convincing prospective down line members with long drawn out pitches about the greatness of your company and the uniqueness of your products, can be utilized elsewhere. You no longer have to spend cash on purchasing leads or other marketing gimmicks that affiliate are usually having to do to break even.

Your market need not be restricted, once you are out of all your warm-market prospects. What the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System does is that it helps the average owner of a MLM home based business owner target already pre-qualified prospects that might be interested in working from home. Think of it as a large automatic lead generation system that is running for you all the time.

You can promote your website if your business is online or you can simply promote products as an affiliate. The biggest benefit of the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System, as compared to other tools for affiliates, is that there is either little or, sometimes, absolutely no money that needs to be spent on advertising. After all, your little franchise is already funded. Once this is made clear to all the prospective leads the system generates for you, it becomes easy to convert them, because who wouldn't wish to own a MLM home based business if it can actually sell itself with just a little help now and then? Any good Funded Sponsoring Franchise run by a truly professional company will involve a detailed outline of a business plan that can easily be replicated by anyone, even people with no marketing skills or experience, to establish a home based business. Another thing people participating in Funded Sponsoring Franchises learn quickly is that while it might make good sense to focus on one area of business to generate a home based income, in the initial period when someone first begins to dabble in this field it is safest to build multiple streams of income. This means a careful and prudent selection of several income generating programs.

There are many websites out there that provide training and information on home based businesses using the Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. One of the reasons why you need to spend so little out of pocket is that with multiple income streams you can reinvest the profits from one stream into promoting all the others at a very nominal cost. Following this simple principle, it is possible for anyone to build a substantial long-term residual income stream. The training provided is not complicated or too technical, in fact it mostly consists of what you might call advice giving sessions in terms of audio clips, free leads, well paying affiliate programs, free websites, etc. Most MLM home based businesses are failing because they simply do not know how to succeed.

The Funded Sponsoring Franchise System is one of the few methods available that can guarantee a reasonable amount of success as the minimum.

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